Dear patients with intractable skin diseases, Get your smile back with M&J SY Laboratory!

 <The record for the most reviews in Korea> 

M&J SY Laboratory, established in 2013 with the hope of only the recovery of those with intractable skin conditions, has grown steadily, providing a new standard of healing, and leaving the most reviews in Korea of ​​200,000 copies.

<Objective verification is the only method>

However, despite the title of the most reviews in Korea and numerous healing cases, we were still thirsty. Why? This is because of the market situation that deceives untested products with emotional sales. We immersed ourselves in research, thinking that objective verification through international standards is the only way to give patients trust and bringing back their smiles.

<Acquired National Psoriasis Association (NPF) certification for the first time in Asia>

Choice and Focus. It is the most essential and powerful strategy for getting things done. Through this, M&J SY Laboratory has obtained certification from the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF), an intractable skin condition research and support organization under the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the world's top health authority. Korea's 'Delete' passed the unanimous decision of the judges, breaking the harsh and high standards of the most prestigious institution in the field of intractable skin research! Even Japan, one of the world's leading atopic medical powers, acquired the failed qualifications and Korea taking the honorable place of being the first in Asia. It's the first in Asia, isn’t that amazing?

<Leap Again, to International Standard>

There was no time to feel the joy of having the whole world. Even at this moment, there are still patients in countries who are suffering from eczema and psoriasis. We will take another leap forward to present a new international standard with no time to feel the joy. We are stepping forward with the intention and sense of duty to bring laughter back to our patients with heavy shoulders.

Leave your skin problems to us and we hope you always smile happily. M&J SY Laboratory and 'Delete' will always be with the smiles of our patients.

 By yours truly, M&J SY Laboratory, your precious skin protector.